• Il Divo Fans for Charity

    Il Divo Fans for Charity 2017 Overview and Totals // 01/04/2018 - 05:04

    ​It's a pleasure to see that also in 2017, Il Divo fans have continued to fundraise for both AMTM and Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.

    Through the year, € 2544.65 was raised. In total, fans have now raised a huge € 57 428.29 for both of these charities (in these figures, only project results that IDFC was officially informed about after fundraiser closure are counted).

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  • Il Divo Fans for Charity AMTM Course des Héros 2018

    Il Divo Fans for Charity Fundraise for AMTM in the Course des Héros! // 12/15/2017 - 04:35

    Link the last two years, Il Divo fans fundraise AND participate in the Course des Heros 2018!

    Here's all necessary info:

    Course Des Héros Paris, 17 June 2018

    This year the subscription fee (15 €) is paid for...
    … for new runners who take part in the Course des Héros for the first time
    … for others who subscribe BEFORE 31/12/2017

    Write Marc (mgille@amtm.org) with the following details :

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  • Assistance Médicale Toit du Monde AMTM Logo

    Charities // 07/28/2016 - 02:06


    AMTM is a French charity organisation, carrying out humanitarian/medical missions in Nepal and India. They also have a sponsorship programme.
    Sébastien is AMTM patron since 2005.

    Find out more on AMTM's website.


    The SCF is an Australian Foundation, funding research into the fatal genetic children's disease MPSIII or Sanfilippo Syndrome.
    Sébastien is international ambassador for the SCF since 2014.

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