Sarah Kutschera - Sébastien Izambard
Social Media Admin

My name is Sarah, and I live in a little village just outside the city of Southampton in England. I currently spend most of my time trying to keep my Jack Russell Terrier, George, in check. He's the Devil in disguise!

Outside of that my passions are watching sport (cricket and football mostly) and photography. I am VERY amateur at that, but it doesn't stop me snapping away. As I live close to my county cricket ground (Hampshire) I also volunteer there every year as a meeter and greeter of the fans.

I have been an Il Divo fan ever since 2004, when they first appeared on British TV show 'Parkinson'. It was my grandmother who was initially watching, and she called me in to see because she felt sure I would love them. And she was right. Their music was very different to anything I'd listened to before, but straight away I adored their voices.

It wasn't until 2013 when I got the chance to see them live in concert, and since then I've been lucky enough to meet them all twice and see 3 more shows. Before two of those I had the chance to meet Sébastien at the stage door. He was so lovely and friendly and thought nothing of spending time talking to us. 

As a self-confessed Carlos fan of many years, the Siren portion of my heart grew a lot bigger from that day onwards. Which is why I am so honoured and proud to be joining the team, and helping share his talent with the world.

Sarah is responsible for the club's social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and partially Facebook).