​It's a pleasure to see that also in 2017, Il Divo fans have continued to fundraise for both AMTM and Sanfilippo Children's Foundation.

Through the year, € 2544.65 was raised. In total, fans have now raised a huge € 57 428.29 for both of these charities (in these figures, only project results that IDFC was officially informed about after fundraiser closure are counted).

Since the Sébastien Izambard Official Fan Club had to take a "sabbatical" from fundraising last year (with exceptance of a blanket and signed print raffle) due to developments surrounding Seb's solo album release, these new figures are nearly entirely due to the dilligent work of the following wonderful people:

  • Chung Yee and the Korean Divas who, sometimes personally, sometimes as a group, have kept fundraising through birthday donations, personal points challenge, book sales, and of course Music fo Sanfilippo 2017
  • Il Divo's Ladybugs from the US, who organised several fundraisers on and around the first Il Divo cruise
  • The regular (often anonymous) fan donors for both charities, via recurrent donations and/or sponsorships, who aren't "regular" at all actually but quite remarkable! Thank you for your continuous support.

Thank you all ever so much for keeping the fundraising train going! With Seb's album launching very soon, the fan club will also reaffirm its commitment to fundraising in 2018, and we've heard the same from other groups, so it promises to be an interesting year! More details per charity of the current results can be viewed on http://www.ildivofansforcharity.com/results.

If you'd like to be part of the regular Il Divo fundraisers, have a great fundraiser planned you'd like to see included, or a question about the project or the totals, mail team@sebastienizambard.com.