Isla & Al Donnell, photo SMH, Tim Bauer

As I'm sure most of our readers know, Sébastien is international ambassador for the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation, which was founded by the Australian Donnell family, since 2014. There children Isla and Jude suffer from the rare, fatal genetic disease Sanfilippo Syndrome. Without treatment, they will not reach adulthood.

We felt we had to highlight this article which appeared in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald, because it tells in very beautiful yet unabashed terms of what they live through every day, and highlights why Sébastien, and his fans in the form of the Il Divo Fans for Charity project, support funding research into this awful disease. Please read and share, these people need our help.

"Meg and Al Donnell's two children have a devastating metabolic disorder that's so rare, doctors told them not to bother chasing a cure. But they're on a mission."

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