Lynn Law
Lesley Ann Jones - Sébastien Izambard

We're very happy to announce that, after an absence for personal reasons of family illness, we can welcome Lynn Law back to the Fan Club team! She will be rejoining the merchandise team (lead by our treasurer Delphine Decoster) where she'll weigh in on product design. Welcome back! Read more about Lynn here.

Secondly, our Instagram admin and previously member of the merchandise branch Lesley Ann Jones will be joining our Charity and Promo branch as Fan Charity Coordinator back up, to assist myself and Beth Decheine in planning our own fundraisers and help fans to organise theirs. Read more about Lesley here.

An updated version of our org chart will be coming later, after another couple of organisational annoucements that may interest you all, which will take place in the coming weeks.

For now, I hope you'll all join myself, our Board of Directors and the rest of our team in congratulating both Lynn & Lesley.

Anne-Lies, President.