Il Divo Fans for Charity

The new year 2017 will bring a couple of orgnaisational changes for our Il Divo Fans for Charity project.

Firstly, the Fan Club board has decided to no longer structurally support Nordoff Robbins. While this has not been an easy decision, rallying support for them among fans has proven difficult because of an unfortunate situation we think most people are by now familiar with, in which promises made to Urs' and David's donors could, due to external factors, not be delivered on. We very much believe in the beautiful cause the people at Nordoff Robbins work very hard for, and will continue to support them, David and Urs in trying to set this right, and keep following up this ongoing case for the fans.

In consequence of this decision, we will from now on lend structural, continuous support ONLY to organisations one or more Divos as officially appointed ambassadors/patrons - structural support meaning we follow and share all their actions on a daily basis and keep in regular contact to plan fan fundraisers. On a temporary basis, we will of course gladly support and promote any action any Divo undertakes for Nordoff Robbins, as well as any other charity, for the duration of the fundraiser.

While this, in practice, comes down to continuous support of Sébastien's charities (for which he is official ambassador), this is not intentional. The Divos are aware that IDFC stands firmly behind all their charity initiatives, but we feel this case shows that an officialised, lasting bond between charity and celebrity is needed to create and maintain a firm basis in fan support that we as a small organisation feel comfortable about asking fans to donate for, and can lend our limited resources to. If anyone else in the band feels like taking up a charity ambassadorship, we will of course put equal structural support in place.

To not affect the Il Divo Fans for Charity total, and reaffirm our warm relationship with AMTM and SCF, the Fan Club will "double" the € 316.11 raised for Nordoff Robbins last year, and divide it between both remaining charities. This way, all charities including Nordoff can enjoy the fans' efforts and the amount stays in the total. We thank everyone who has donated for Nordoff Robbins!

Lastly, as you know we are currently very busy promoting Sébastien's upcoming solo album with the wonderful global Team Seb - which is turning out a bit bigger than we thought it would! While we will keep supporting and promoting any fundraisers organised by our charities, as well as fundraisers fans organise for them, we will put organisation of our own IDFC fundraisers on "hiatus" until after album release. Thank you for your understanding!

I'm of course available to answer all questions you may have at